Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Windows SharePoint Services problem

Did you know that Windows 2003 Enterprise R2 is shipped along with Windows SharePoint Services 2.0? Well, it is. The SharePoint services components is located on the CD2 of that windows distribution, and is accessible to add/remove from “Add/Remove programs -> Windows components”.
What I want to share with you is another wired and strange problem I had with it. So, I installed the WSS 2.0 on my machine. It made several virtual directories on my IIS and apparently changed a lot of other things.
What happened?
First, it was installed on the default web site of the IIS. Then all virtual directories I had on this site stopped working. It was just saying “Error 404 Not Found”, although the virtual paths were there – at the IIS administrative console. I said “OK”, and I made another website on the IIS and moved the virtual paths there – they were working just fine. Until …
Until I found that the “Forms Authentication” is not working anymore. I had the “”, I had the required “” in my web.config for the applications under the virtual folders, but none of them worked. The authorization was not working anymore! You could open every page you want without being authorized. I looked in the machine.config, I looked in the web.config under Microsoft.Net folder in windows root folder, but I did not find anything wrong. After wasting a couple of hours I decided to remove the WSS 2.0 from my PC. Guess what – everything was working fine again. Really wired (at least for me) …

Thursday, January 25, 2007

SQL Server 2005 and Office Web Componenets 11 (OWC11)

Recently I tried to install MS SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition (well, the same problem came with Standard Edition, too) and I got strange problem. At some point the install wizard came up with an error “Could not install OWC11” (OWC11 - Office Web Components 11). After that another error came – “Could not install Database services”, and at the end I had only Client components installed, not even the management studio.
I began to wander what the problem might be. I tried several different ways and options in the install wizard, but the same problem was appearing again and again. Then I put a fresh copy of Windows XP SP2 on a MS Virtual PC and run the SQL Server installation there – everything was fine, as expected. So I came back to the host and looked over the installed software I had. It appeared that I already have had the Microsoft Office Web Components installed, which surprised me even more – why the SQL Server does not check for it before trying to install it. What I did is remove the OWC from Add/Remove Programs and run the SQL Server setup once more. Guess what – success! Wired …

Monday, January 22, 2007

My First Post

Hi there,
here I would like to start posting interesting things from the world around us. Mostly from the programmers point of view ;)