Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So important that needs to be shared

Yesterday I received an interesting mail from REGISER.BG - the registrar for .BG TLD.
As for long time it was the only one (monopoly) registrar for that kind of domains. Thus making registration almost impossible. For years they were requiring tons of documents, legal notices, trade mark certificate, and whatever document you can imagine, in order to process your request for registering .BG domain.

So, the mail that they sent is so amazing that I will share with you all. Here it is:

Dear clients,

We would like to let you know that on 25/08/2008 Register.BG extended the possibilities for domain name registration in the .bg zone, allowing the registrants on their own risk to register domain names without providing grounds for the name. In order to solve potential disputes between registrants and domain name applicants, Register.BG establishes a Dispute committee. The updated Terms and Conditions are published at

In addition, Register.BG extended the possibilities for domain name setup in the .bg zone and the sub-zones, allowing the DNS setup to be realized with IP addresses in IPv6 format as well.



So, since 25.08.2008 we can normally register a .BG domain and be proud to be Bulgarians.