Saturday, June 16, 2007

More Silverlight

You can view the working example of Hello World with MouseEventHandler here:
The XAML file is here:
(But I think you will have problems to open it with IE, so just try with Mozilla)
What I like is, that you do not any special hosting to publish silverlight app ;) (well, the Hello World one ;) )
Also, good to mention - if you seek for design time support of silverlight app you must go for Microsoft Expression Blend 2 May 2007 Preview - the only one so-far IDE which supports design-time editing for SilverLight.
Looking forward to see you again!

1 comment:

Anton Staykov said...

I should add that the design time-support is limited to "Properties design", "Event Handling" is not yet implemented, so the Events tab will be gray ;)