Thursday, March 20, 2008

VS2008 bug crashes the IDE

Hello again.
I was playing with WPF last couple of days and I discovered a strange bug in the VS 2008 IDE. It crashes the whole IDE (devenv.exe) with just single line of XAML !

So, here is the bug report:

And this is short description how to reproduce:

  1. Create a simple "WPF Windows Application" project.
  2. Open the Window1.xaml
  3. In the XAML view, put TextBlock control
  4. After adding the TextBlock control, the XAML should be like this:
    <Window x:Class="WpfApp.Window1" xmlns=""
    Title="Window1" Height="300" Width="300">
    <TextBlock Text="DummyTextBlock">
    <!-- put ToolTip here -->
  5. Now replace the "<!-- put ToolTip here -->" with this:
    And let VS IDE to auto-complete the closing tag.
    1. Caution! Indeed we should have:
      <TextBlock Text="DummyTextBlock">
    2. But not (which is the correct syntax):
      <TextBlock Text="DummyTextBlock">

Now, by the moment the VS auto completes your ToolTip tag and underscores it, the IDE will crash.

Please, if you can confirm the bug, go to and click "Validate".


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