Saturday, October 23, 2010

Microsoft Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2010 has been Updated

It’s great that we have this feature pack from Microsoft and they are constantly improving it. Just go and download latest version from here.

Productivity Power Tools features at a glance:

  • Solution Navigator.
    A powerful tool windows which merges functionality from Solution Explorer, Class View, Object Explorer, Call Hierarchy, Navigate To and Find Symbol references!
  • Tab Well UI.
    Working with multiple files has never been easier with Tab Well UI. The feature I used the most – Pinned tabs. It allows you to pin certain files so you never lose them :)
  • Searchable Add Reference dialog.
    My favorite! Your default add reference dialog is changed to better user experience. Never scroll for assembly! Just search for it!
  • HTML Copy
    Another favorite. Never have to use external tools or add-ins! Just select any code and copy it! It is automatically copied as HTML. If you paste in RTF editor – your code is recognized. If you paste it in plain text editor – no bloating HTML is pasted, as well as if you paste inside Visual Studio.

There are so much more features, just go and get it! It’s free!

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