Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Azure Video Converter Update

I’ve just updated the Azure Video Converter project. It is closer to what I was planning it to be. Now the main Worker Role is stripped from predefined, hardcoded executable files. The project utilizes Windows Azure Queues to decouple processing logic from requesting logic. I also added a very simple Windows Forms application that you can use to convert files. Please visit the project home page and documentation to learn more if you are interested.

Hope you like it!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I downloaded and tried to run (changeset 3595), but wasn't able to process the video. I opened the the .sln and set the start up project to CloudVideoConverter, and Debug. I selected a file to upload and the Dialog hangs on File Upload! Waiting for Result. What am I doing wrong?

Anton Staykov said...

You have to choose multiple startup projects. One is CloudVideoConverter (the Winforms Application) and the second should be CloudFFMpeg (the Windows Azure Worker Role that actually converts the files). You can set multiple startup projects from the Solution properties window. Right Click on the Solution, select Properties, then from Common Properties -> Startup Project, select "Multiple Startup Projects. And choose the CloudFFMpeg and CloudVideoConverter.
Please not that this is still a beta, and some changes will be introduced soon. It is good to clear the queues and blobs before runing the project locally. You can use to monitor your storage and clear queues and blob containers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Thank you for responding Anton. Is there an email address or phone # I can reach you at regarding your sample code? Now I get an error: {"The specified blob does not exist."} at this line in the StorageSubsystem.cs file processorBlob.DownloadToFile(fileName);

Rune Rindel Hansen said...

I am getting the same error as the guy above. Of course it's great that you have provided some source code, but it would be better if the code would run without errors ;-)

Anton Staykov said...

Please refer to (and use) the discussions in project's site: