Saturday, December 11, 2010

Slides from my talks on Windows Azure Topics

The year of 2010 was good for me. With the support of Microsoft Bulgaria & Martin Kulov (Microsoft Regional Director & Visual Studio ALM MVP) I established a Windows Azure User Group here in Bulgaria and I had presented couple of introductory and couple of deep dive topics covering Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Windows Azure Storage Services, Developing and Deploying Windows Azure Applications with Visual Studio 2010. The most recent is my talk at Microsoft PDC Local (Sofia, Bulgaria) where I showed up my “Azure Video Converter” Demo application. A proof of concept application to demonstrate the power of Windows Azure and how can developers use Windows Azure worker roles to execute third party software, which requires no access to registry/administrative privileges, etc. (a generic x-copy deployment apps).

All the slides can be downloaded or viewed online here.

Looking forward for even more exciting content in the coming 2011!

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