Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Important note on Role recycling when you have IntelliTrace enabled

I was recently using Intellitrace to catch some crashes of a deployed to Azure service. I may say that I am astonished by the simplicity of using IntelliTrace. Although I have pretty good logging (apparently not that good, though Smile) my system was restarting and I couldn’t catch why. Once I enabled Intellitrace  it took me about (literally) 1 minute to catch the issue (including the time for downloading the InterlliTrace log). However I noticed that my role is not recycled after a crash. I wouldn’t connect both if I didn’t come across this post in the Windows Azure forums (the post is written by the Windows Azure Support guys):

When IntelliTrace is enabled on a role that is running in Windows Azure and that role crashes, the role is not restarted. This is to improve the information available to IntelliTrace. We do not recycle the role when it is collecting traces, instead it is put into the “Unresponsive” state.

For more information about IntelliTrace, see the following:
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