Friday, October 21, 2011

Move Silverlight applications to the Cloud

While moving a typical ASP.NET application to the cloud might require more actions, and would have more “points of break” when moving to the cloud, a Silverlight application is much more amenable to move to the Cloud.

At last Windows Azure User group meeting we covered most common scenarios of Silverlight applications and moved them to Windows Azure. We had a Silverlight application communicating with WCF Services, application that uses WCF RIA services, and application that uses Media services (video player). We moved entire application into the cloud and showed how one can leverage the Windows Azure CDN to achieve better user experience in terms of application load.

Here you can find the source files for the Demos I used: 

Here you can find the slides:

The TCP Server I used for the demos is based on “A very basic TCP Server written in C#” article in CodeProject. Second TCP demo (SilverCloudBase_05_Sockets_Adv) is a bit edited version of that server, to support message broadcasting to all connected clients.

The session recording will be available soon, so stay tuned!

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