Saturday, April 6, 2013

Federated Authentication–Mobile Login Page for Microsoft Live Id

Say you are developing a web site, which will have desktop users, mobile users, all kind of users. Because you respect your users, you let them login to your site using their existing credentials. One of which happens for be Microsoft Account (or formerly known as Microsoft Live ID). Also, because you really enjoy the Windows Azure platform and the fact that Azure Access Control Service is totally free with no catch, you implemented your federated login using Azure ACS. You also implemented a custom login page for you users.

Now you noticed that Microsoft Account does not recognize mobile users 100% and you have better logic for determining mobile user agents. You also want to forcibly redirect your mobile user to the mobile login page for Microsoft Account. But how?

Well, since you already implemented a custom login page, you already know what this URL is:


This is the URL where you get the JSON feed of registered Identity Providers for your relying party application. When you retrieve it, you have LoginUrl for Live ID looking similar to this one:[namespace][encrypted]

Now, you can one more parameter to the query string to force a very lightweight (mobile) login page for Microsoft Account. This parameter is pcexp and the value should be false. So now your LoginUrl for Microsoft Account (Live ID) will look similar to this one:[namespace][encrypted]&pcexp=false

That’s perfect! It works! Thanks!

But.. but you also have a WML version of your site. And you recognize and respect these user agents too. Well, there is solution to this issue too. The solution is to replace the whole domain and login page, but keep the query string intact. So, if the original login Url is this:[namespace][encrypted]

Replace with The result is:[namespace][encrypted]

Done. Happy coding!

Please respect your users and their existing online identities! Do not ask them to create new usernames/password if they don’t explicitly want to!

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