Monday, September 26, 2011

Geo-Replication for your Windows Azure Storage accounts at no cost!

Amazing news came from the BUILD conference. One such news is the great new feature of Windows Azure StorageGeo-Replication for your data at *no additional cost*!

Isn’t it great? Out of the box, without additional cost, Microsoft is maintaining additional copy of all your storage data in another data-center in same region. For example if you selected West Europe for your storage account location, the geo-replica is kept in North Europe! Everything is done without breaking the current Windows Azure Storage services durability. Understand that there the multiple (likely 3!) copies of your data at both data centers! Hundreds of kilometers away. At no cost (0 Euro)! So in case a major disaster event happens in your “primary” datacenter, all of your data is recoverable at the second one!

All of this – for durability! Make sure you won’t lose any data stored in Windows Azure Storage!

No, currently you can’t use the secondary copy of your data, you don’t even see this in the management portal. So you can’t use this feature for geo-distributed application! But hey, there is the Windows Azure CDN to fulfill that purpose!

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